Obstruction and Strangulation

Obstruction and Strangulation

Obstruction- This is where the bowel becomes trapped within the hernia. You will experience vomiting and abdominal bloating which is caused by obstruction of the bowel.

Strangulation- This is where the blood supply to the contents of the hernia is cut off. If the sac contains the bowel this can result in the bowel dying. You will be suffering from severe pain and vomiting and the lump will be very tender to touch.

How can these be treated?

Obstruction and Strangulation require emergency surgery which will be performed under a General anaesthetic. An incision will be made over the lump and the hernia will be released at the neck to relieve the obstruction. The incision will be closed with a mesh at the end of the procedure. If there is strangulation you will need a resection of the contents of the hernia including bowel.

It is always better to have the hernia treated as a planned procedure to avoid such serious complications.

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